The cookie policy explains how Intelligent Web Solutions Ltd. uses cookies and similar technologies in its own corporate web web page . Explains what these technologies are for and what they are and what our rights about them are.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files with information that are located on your computer or mobile device when you visit a web pages. Cookies are widely used in the operation of web pages, and without some of them, those pages can't working properly, and others - improve their performance, as well as provide information about the use of the site.

Why do we use cookies?

Some cookies are necessary for the normal functioning of the web page - such are the "required cookies". Others allow us to "research" and "collect" information about the behavior of our users on our web site. Others use cookies on our site to analyze for advertising and more.

How can I control cookies?

You can choose whether or not to accept the use of cookies. The "required cookies" can't be stopped because this will disrupt the proper working of the web page. Everything else can be turned on or off from your browser settings.

Other technologies used for analysis

In addition to cookies, other technologies such as web beacons are sometimes used. These are small files from which we display small graphics, and that contain an unique identifier that helps us identify when someone has visited our page or opened an email that contains it. This helps us, for example, to track user traffic to different pages on our site, to communicate with cookies, to understand how you reached our website, to improve the performance of the website and to measure the success of email campaigns when needed. In many cases, these technologies rely primarily on cookies to function properly, and disabling cookies would disrupt their performance.

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